A New Home; a New Chapter in Life

Both Wasili and I will be moving each to a new apartment in october. Both apartments are situated in the same building. We’’ll practically be neighbors so that’s exciting and handy when it comes to collaborating. So where are we at right now? The E-Day project (live gig we did in 2009) has finally been mastered. The project I’m doing (Sea of Potentials) with Dronny Darko is almost finished mixing. Hopefully both releases will see the light of day before the end of the year. I’m planning on releasing E-Day first. As a reminder: this album will be a name your price one from Bandcamp. There’s still a lot of work to be done in our new homes, so musically I recon we won’t be too productive the coming weeks. For me personally this new home symbolizes a totally new beginning of my life. I’ve been processing a lot of emotions the last two or so years so now, as a result, I feel there’s space to infuse more of my soul into my body. In my understanding that’s basically what life is all about: learning to express your authentic self more and more into this physical reality. Making music is a means (just one) of doing that for me and Wasili. Besides music we need all kinds of experiences to learn how to do that. Living in seclusion to just making music would not suffice......by far. We need countless interactions in day-to-day life to truly know who we are and to dare giving expression to that.
Here are some pics of our new homes:
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Conscious Destruction

We’re glad to announce the latest album by 33 Tetragammon called ‚Destruction/Consciousness’. It’s the first volume of the I AM Series. So more to follow! When everything felt in place, Wasili worked like crazy to get this album out of his system. It had been lingering in the astral realms for quite a while before it started knocking on the door ferociously. I’m really thrilled by it because I’ve never heard anything like it before. It consists of one track clocking 63 minutes. To get the most out of the experience, it is recommended to listen to the album in its entirety. My personal experience is that somewhere over halfway the album a sense of ‚all is well’ came over me (or: all is well in all of creation like Adamus st. Germain is used to utter). This happened to me a couple of weeks ago riding my bike in the dark somewhere on a lonely road just outside of Eindhoven. Darkness plays a huge role in our music; not so much in the sense of creepiness or eeriness but more in the sense that it enables the listener to be alone within its own psyche. It also enables one to fully embrace everything that might arise out of the depths of the soul. Both dark and light. As a last note: I’m tremendously grateful to be collaborating with Wasili (or Waas as ‚some’ people call him) on this musical journey. He means a lot more to me than being a hell of a sound designer!


Multiple Streams of Creativity

Both Wasili and I have been working on several projects. The mixing part of the sea-and-landscape album I’m doing with Dronny Darko is almost finished. I’m really taking my time for this because I want it to exactly sound like I envisioned. It’s such an exciting project with so many elements in it that it’s sometimes a challenge to make them combine eloquently. Meanwhile I’m working on a solo album as well. Or maybe two. The whole process of being creative and at the same time capturing those ideas and making them tangible, is different every time. Right now I’m in a super creative phase and finishing stuff just needs to wait then. The importance for me to give expression to my creativity is absolutely vital to me. I feel like it might be my number one priority in life right now. It’s this important because it causes my energy to flow through my body preventing it from getting stuck, helping me connect with my authentic self and helping me to feel sheer passion while I’m fully submerged in the experience. I try to catch what I can while being in this phase and mold it into something that can one day be experienced by many. Every now and then I jot down the ideas that might end up on an album and erase the other ones so as not to get lost in the jungle of sounds.

So what’s in store the coming months? Firstly my guess is that Wasili will finish his album soon. He’s in the mastering process right now. Working title of the album: ‚Destruction/Consciousness’. This one is not for the faint hearted: it might pulverize your ego, if that’s what it’s supposed to do. Below you see a picture of Wasili in his renovated studio.


My own solo project is also steadily progressing with 3/4 of the music being finished. The E-Day album is waiting on the shelf to be mastered (a live gig we did in 2009 at E Day). I’’ll have to wait when Wasili feels ready to take seat behind the controls to finish this one up. And of course Dronny and my album will see the light of day somewhere this year. We’re contemplating if it will be self- released or done by one of the many ambient labels out there. Time will tell.


Music of Collab Finished

The music part for the sea-and landscape album by Dronny Darko and me is finished. This project went incredibly smooth! The amazing thing was that all the music Oleg (Dronnie D.) submitted
blended perfectly with the already available tracks/stems. This ‚coincidence’ gave me the clear feeling that this collab was meant to be. When things go smoothly, isn’t that a clear sign we’re aligned with the Universal flow? That’s exactly the reason why making music is so important to me; it has the ability to ‚hook’ us up to the Universal clock and restore our lost connection with its intelligence. What to expect from this album? Well, as usually it’s around 70 minutes. (I can’t contain myself when I’m out there!). Dronny provided the drones: some deep like the deepest ocean and others soft and meditative. I added my organic flavor: whale/orca sounds, footsteps (?), strange, undiscovered birds. On the ‚musical’ side: wide bamboo and Aztec flutes, some string-like melodies and a good portion of physical modeling singing timbres. There’s still a lot of mixing to be done so I expect it’ll take a couple of months until release.