Music of Collab Finished

The music part for the sea-and landscape album by Dronny Darko and me is finished. This project went incredibly smooth! The amazing thing was that all the music Oleg (Dronnie D.) submitted
blended perfectly with the already available tracks/stems. This ‚coincidence’ gave me the clear feeling that this collab was meant to be. When things go smoothly, isn’t that a clear sign we’re aligned with the Universal flow? That’s exactly the reason why making music is so important to me; it has the ability to ‚hook’ us up to the Universal clock and restore our lost connection with its intelligence. What to expect from this album? Well, as usually it’s around 70 minutes. (I can’t contain myself when I’m out there!). Dronny provided the drones: some deep like the deepest ocean and others soft and meditative. I added my organic flavor: whale/orca sounds, footsteps (?), strange, undiscovered birds. On the ‚musical’ side: wide bamboo and Aztec flutes, some string-like melodies and a good portion of physical modeling singing timbres. There’s still a lot of mixing to be done so I expect it’ll take a couple of months until release.

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