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We Are

This web space is devoted to the collaborative efforts of Eelke van Hoof (Apollonius /f.k.a. Human Metronome) and Wasili Papadopoulos (33 Tetragammon) both living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This collaboration is the natural result of our time spending together as friends and supporting each other's evolutionary process. On top of that we believe that working together is the new way for humanity to build a new world; it is the natural direction evolution is guiding us all into. The love we have for making music is mutual and stretches far beyond sheer entertainment. Our music carries within it the energy of cultures long passed combined with new, resonating energy of today's planet which is evolving at unprecedented levels. We do not care much about labels and genres. The music is free to any interpretation, images and feelings it might provoke within the listener. We do recommend listening to our music at low volume, though. The first fruit of our combined musicianship is the release of the album 'Resonating Earth' back in 2009. That effort has been full of obstacles for our egos and was therefore a great experience we wouldn't have wanted to miss for the world. These obstacles have been surfacing on most of our early albums. Always reflecting some hidden parts of ourselves we could not immediately see. Later the albums became like musical journals of the processes we had been going through while making the music.

What We Use

Speaking about equipment, we use no hardware sound generators like synthesizers or any external effect modules. We try to take full advantage of today's possibilities for optimal software-hardware (controller) integration. We are especially interested in those companies who make an effort to bringing new and exciting technology in the hands of artists, technology that lets you create in a 'hands-on-fashion'. In other words: we like to turn the knobs, incorporate our bodies in the process of music making and turn away from the ongoing left brain chatter. We notice that today a lot of focus is still on technical specifications of equipment rather than on the mechanism of creativity and how it relates to the design of software and hardware.


How does creativity work? What is it? And why, of course, does it sometimes get stuck? In our opinion creativity is literally a stream of energy that can be hampered by the human ego getting in the way of it. Every now and then it throws its large boulders into the free flowing stream of creativity. This stream has been called Kundalini in eastern philosophies. It's an energy that flows up and down our bodies but the majority of its potential lies dormant within most people. Especially in this day and age it's being awakened from its slumber by the transformational processes that take place on our planet. The question we should ask ourselves now is: what parts within my psyche are blocking me from being creative? What boulder have I cast in my creative stream?

Attunement & Focus

There are basically two different ways in which we can create: from the ego and from the Higher Self. When we create from the ego we create from a personal desire to manifest. When we create from the Higher Self our manifestations are a reflection of the Universal will. The Higher Self reaches out to the physical manifestation of itself (e.g. a person identifying himself as a musician) presenting it a potential of creativity. Only through attunement can this person feel this potential and with proper focus can he manifest it. In this way we are always aligned with the Universal will and thus we only create when a Universal window of creativity presents itself. Now the big question is: who is the one that creates here? Is it really you, or is it the Universe using you as an instrument to play its melody? One could argue it's both: the physical aspect of you being aligned with the Universal will and thus channeling effortlessly music into this physical reality.
Any desire to create outside the window of opportunity is the ego not letting go of its expectations which may ultimately lead to a total blockage of creative energy. When we let go of all expectations regarding our creations we become real (music) pioneers. A pioneer always brings something new and fresh to the world, something that has not yet been created. A true pioneer is a reflection of the Universe's desire to infinitely create new potentials and experiences.

Goals vs Intuition

As the ego likes to set goals it also does this when applied to making music. This way it roughly predetermines the outcome of the composition. The result is a static, repetitive outcome all so characteristic of mainstream music these days: a complete 'ego' industry churning out predictable tunes lumped into predictable genres. Instead of focussing on the result, the musical pioneer starts his creative endeavor by an open, intuitive, childlike state of awareness. This way anything can happen. Maybe something so new comes out it's hard to put into any category. And maybe nobody else likes it……..But does that really matter? For the ego it probably does.