The Observer

It’s been awhile since my last message. Somewhere in 2015 I stopped making music. It just wasn’t out ‘there’ anymore (I know it will be back at some point, though). I finished some older work but didn’t feel the passion to master it. That year had been all about my other passion: painting. But always with some good ambient music accompanying me from the likes of Robert Rich, Oöphoi, Bach and some Steve Roach and Alio Die. It’s been a good year to deepen my artistic skills and present myself and my work to a larger audience. One of my life’s themes is to learn to express myself and, even as important, to believe these expressions are welcomed and have their rightful place on this living, resonating earth. I still have some trepidation regarding this process but I have already learned by now my expressions are welcomed by those who are open to it. We all have the possibility to learn in this life that our existence is meant to be meaningful and that we have the compassion and intelligence of the whole Universe at our disposal. The more we break loose from the shackles that keep us imprisoned in this matrix the more we hear our own voice instead of society’s endless noise. And thus, as a consequence, we more and more feel the urge to express our core being. And so it became clear to me by means of my inner voice to start mastering my next solo album. The title is ‘The Observer’. This represents a state of being where one doesn’t identify with the machinations of everyday life or even with one’s own inner voice in regard to what’s happening in this physical reality. Being the observer means watching life unfold from the perspective of pure consciousness instead of separateness. The Observer will be self-released somewhere this year. My collab with Dronny Darko is still on cue at several labels.

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