First Track Teaser

After the release of ‘Live in the Ancient Past’ I focussed my attention on mastering my collab (The Sea of Potentials) with drone wizard Dronny Darko (Oleg Puzan). I was little apprehensive about it because I had never mastered an album before but on the other hand had learned a lot by looking over 33 Tetragammong’s shoulder. Now that’s it’s finished I feel more confident about it and even like the prospect of mastering more albums. So the album is finished after it’s been in the making for more than one and a half years. We’re still pondering through which channel to release it. My compliments go out to Oleg who, over the last year, has become an amazing sound designer. For a great example check out his release of a few months ago ‘Outer Tehom’ on the Cryo Chamber label. Here’s the first track of ‘The Sea of Potentials’:

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