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Birth of the Real Self by Apollonius (12-19-2012)

While making this album, it seemed I was transported to the sacred land we now call the Middle East. Unbeknownst to me, I was channeling feelings, sensations and possibly consciousness stemming from an era long ago. It was only after most of the music was done that I realized what had happened; I never consciously set out to embark on this adventure. The only plan was to make an album where flute and vocals would make up an important part of the musical fabric. That's what my intuition was saying. Halfway the album I felt something was lacking and started to recycle all the sounds and tracks I made and came up with the basis of how it sounds today. And this is exactly what creativity means to me: the ability to open up to whatever potential is most suited for manifesting into our physical reality at any given point. As with this album, my life also took an unexpected turn. But reflected upon it now, it was the right potential to manifest. By letting go all preconceived ideas of how things should be, I learned to let the new potentials flow in. For me the flutes and vocals on this album represent this flow and ease. But it was not always easy: I had to attune to that inner whispering voice for guidance every now and then. Could it have been coming from another part of me originating from an other time and place? I like to believe it does.

Review by Piedpaper:

When evolution led to the creation of technogenic civilization, people excluded themselves from the biological process, avoiding natural selection by moving to the social environment. Social evolution was analogous to biological and led to what we have now - almost complete oblivion of all natural, neglect of the phenomena of nature, with which it warns humanity that it is time to take a step forward and stop thinking only about ourselves. Are the proponents of ecological approach pioneers of a new time, or they only care about improvement of their, human, world? Does anybody thinks in the scales of whole biosphere, without concentration on one species?

Life of the humanity – only a jiff compared to the Earth age. Speaking of this I don't really encourage you to return to the caves and savannas, –  it's not for which we've learned to do something for thousands years, even if it was not always necessary. I'm talking about a new time, about a new, integral approach, in which man is not a "crown of creation" (as well as he isn't just plague on the surface of the planet - we don't need extremes in this), but takes rightful place. Any husbandman knows much more about the interaction with the environment than any communications specialist  in some law bureau. As well paradoxically and musician can tell about the world more than geographer or ecologist. It's not about facts, but in the principles of interaction, and ambient music can serve as an excellent example of how the interaction generates something more than a sum of terms. 

Combining sounds of flutes, percussion and singing bowls with electronic audio processing tools, creator of Apollonius Eelke van Hoof evokes an immensely wide spaces of music and proto-music, in which the human and the natural, organic and mineral, heavenly and earthly are merged into a single entity. Facets of this world reflect the essence of one simple idea - cognition of whole through separation and synthesis of parts. In the dialogue about man's place in the world order this music does not give definite answer, but says something much more important. The world is unified and organized hierarchically, so man of a new era should think much broader than the limits of its influence. Every action has consequences, and music of this album reminds that at first person have to find real nature of self before changing world around. What is the real "I" than a spark of universal flame? Droplet in the ocean of infinity, capable to embrace the whole ocean, that only needs to stop being a droplet, to forget about the illusion of separation from the whole.

By vastness of its horizons this record reminds about infinity of the world, invites the soul to place where you able to breathe easier and sleep peacefully. It doesn't tell about imaginary worlds, but reminds about greatness and never fading beauty of the world where we all live. Totally pervasive music, as true ambient actually should be.

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